Melia Zanzibar

Morning everyone, we recently went to cover a wedding in Zanzibar, at a hotel called Melia. Below are a few images of the scenery at the hotel, its definitely just a small part of the hotel but thought I should share with you all some new images this Monday morning. 

Have an awesome day. 

Photos by Clemence (IG: @clemence_photography) & I

FireFly Campsite, Bagamoyo

I recently took a trip to Bagamoyo for a shoot with one of my Clients and while we were doing the shoot we ended up finding a hidden gem called Fire Fly Campsite. I was instantly blown away by the way the place was set up and how they used cost effective material which give the place its own feel & identity.

There was a certain feeling of peace and letting go of your busy city life vibe when i entered the space. One can surely clear their mind and read that book they have long been waiting to read.

Guarding the place is Zeus, a friendly dog who loves a tummy rub and is always moving around trying to make new friends with the guests, in hopes of receiving a little treat. 

As a person who is always looking for new spaces, i honestly enjoyed the short 1 hour stay at Fire Fly, the customer service was on point, i enjoyed the homemade breakfast and the vibe all round. I definitely plan to visit again and next time maybe even camp over night. 

Here are some of the images i took from this space.


You can also visit their website for more information.