Mentorship Program



What does this mentorship entail?

Private Tuition 

You will receive a one on one private session with myself once a month. It can be face to face or through a Skype video. The Duration will vary from 2hours to 4 hours, depending on the subject being covered. This may also take the form of a practical session on location.

Group Workshop

You will attend a group workshop which is generally be over a weekend. Here we will cover a number of fun and challenging subjects. 

Mentorship Whatsapp Group

You will be asked to join the WhatsApp group which is exclusively for the mentorship members. Here you may ask questions, receive tips and be connected to advice from myself all the time. 

Image Critique

You may submit up to 5 images a month to me for critique. This will assist you in seeing “the bigger picture”. We generally look at our images only from our own viewpoints and this is often very different from the viewpoint of an indecent viewer.

Osse Greca Sinare Facebook Group

As a member of this group you will be able to post and share your images with your peers and fellow mentorship students. A great camaraderie is built and like minded people are able to interact with each other. You also receive first option on all other workshops that I run.

Investment Cost

You will be required to commit yourself for a period of 6 months. This will ensure that you gain great knowledge with enough time for you to put it into practicing the skills and techniques that you learn. You can make your payment on a monthly basis of 250,000Tshs or a once off fee of 1,250,000Tshs