Spending New Years in Kigamboni

If some told me that I would be spending my New Years at the end of 2018 in Kigamboni, I would’ve probably just laughed and walked away….but that is exactly what I did to finish my year off and it was a really great decision.


I started searching for a place to stay at the end of November, a bit late I know. We were looking to stay at Yale Yale Puna Beach House, which is also located in Kigamboni. Since I wasn’t so sure whether we would go to the fore New Years, we ended up missing our chance to stay at the beach house! It got booked last minute and the pressure started to build. Luckily the great people at the beach house informed us of another place 500m from them that we could book. We did exactly that, and we were set for New Years.


We drove out on the 30th and it took us about an hour and a half to get to the village of Yale Yale Puna. With only had a few images and videos sent to us about the place so we weren’t so sure what to expect. We were hopeful due to how amazing Chris (The beach house manager) was amazing on the phone. He was super helpful and very welcoming which made us feel more comfortable with taking on the long trip.

Our gut feeling paid off and we got to experience the most amazing, calm and relaxing New Years yet. We stayed in a two bedroom house facing the beach, with a large open kitchen and outdoor sitting area.